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AI-powered Matching

Our platform utilizes advanced algorithms to match Web3 founders with the most compatible investors, ensuring the perfect fit for your fundraising needs.

Targeted Outreach

Reach out to a curated list of potential investors who align with your company's goals and vision, maximizing your chances of securing funding.

Send Relevant Content

Share compelling materiials and updates directly with investors who have expressed interest, keeping them engaged and informed throughout the fundraising process.

Streamlined Communication

Stay connected with investors through our platform's messaging system, facilitating smooth and efficient communication at every stage.

Easier Scheduling

Schedule meetings and pitch sessions with investors seamlessly, eliminating the hassle of back-and-forth emails and coordinating availability.

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Spend Less Time Sending Cold
Outreach Emails

Crafting personalized pitches for each investor can be a massive time suck. It requires researching their interests,
tailoring your message, and hoping it stands out from the endless stream of emails in their inbox.

One-Click Personalization

Forget generic templates! Staircase tailors each pitch based on the investor's interests and your project's key features.

Generate Stronger Pitches

Free up your time to focus on what matters most - building your groundbreaking Web3 project.

Increased Response Rates

Stand out from the crowd with personalized messages that grab investors' attention and spark conversation.

Seamless Scheduling

See investor availability and schedule calls directly within the platform, eliminating email tag for meeting times.

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100+ projects from 20+ ecosystems have already Requested Access to Staircase Beta.

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